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Motorized Beam Steerer, Toggle or TTL Control (RoHS and / or CE Pending)
Beam Splitter Holder, 2.0 in. Square
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Split or Deflect a Single Beam

The 78150 beam splitter Holder is used to position a 2 inch [51 mm] square beam splitter or reflector at a 45° angle in an enclosed optical system. Accessing the interior compartment is done from a port located on top of the beam splitter holder. Installing and removing a reflector is an economical and simple method for redirecting the beam path. Beam splitters are generally used with collimated light. If the application requires converging or diverging light at the input or output, the 78150 includes two lens holders, which position 1.5 inch [38 mm] diameter lenses in the optical path. The distance from the lens to the beam splitter is 1.5 inches [38 mm]. The clear aperture of the lens holder is 1.2 inches [30 mm].The 78150 adjusts to fit a beam splitter or mirror up to 0.25 inch [6 mm] thick. The 78150 features four standard Oriel® 1.5-inch series female flanges and includes a double male coupling ring, allowing it to couple to a variety of Oriel accessories and instruments. With four ports, the 78150 can be positioned so that the split or redirected beam can be directed where needed. Two #1/4-20 threaded holes allow the 78150 to be rod mounted, if flange mounting is not desired. Rod mounting also provides extra support when coupling to the flanges.

Switch between two light sources without realignment

Remotely switch between two sources, or deflect a single beam into or out of the optical path, with the 77765 Beam Steerer. It works with laser beams, focused beams or collimated beams up to 1.3 inches [33 mm] in diameter. The 77765 consists of a coated mirror on a precision bearing driven by a small DC motor. The mirror has two positions. One beam is sent directly through the beam steerer, while the other is deflected by 90 degrees. Select the weaker of the two sources for direct transmission through the 77765.

Beam steerer allows for extended wavelength range scans

Two light sources need to be utilized with a monochromator or spectrograph to perform extended range scans. The 77765 allows broad wavelength range scans to be performed without having to break down the setup to change sources and realign the optical path. For example, a deuterium lamp may be utilized for UV light and a QTH lamp for the visible spectrum.