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Optical Filter Wheel, Six Position, Indexed, Unobstructed, 1.0 in. Filters
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Indexed Filter Wheel, Dual Six Position, Unobstructed, 1.0 in. Filters
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Unobstructed Access to All Optical Filters

The base foundation has been designed to provide unobstructed optical paths for all six filters and standard optical heights of 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 inch (25.4, 50.8, and 76.2 mm).

Remove Filter Wheel Without Tools

Three captured, spring-loaded index balls in the mount hub provide repeatable and wobble-free rotation of the filter wheel. An entire filter wheel can be removed simply by turning the center knob.

Quick Change Individual Filter Holders

Individual filters can be mounted and safely held in place within the wheel by Newport's standard threaded Delrin retaining rings A-1.25-1RR with a 19.2 mm clear aperture. This makes changing individual filters quick and easy.