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Lab Jack, 44.5 mm Travel, 4.375 x 6.5 in. Platform, 200 lb., 1/4-20 and M6
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Lab Jack, 76 mm Travel, 6.5 x 9.5 in. Platform, 300 lb., 1/4-20 and M6
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Innovative Stable Mechanism

Conventional scissors and dual-pantograph jacks lift by decreasing the distance between crossed members and are inherently less stable at higher elevations. In contrast, Newport’s innovative design employs three orthogonal hinges that straighten to form a box, becoming more stable with increasing height. The side mounted height adjustment controls a stout drive screw connecting the pivot pins of the broad side hinges. The end hinge prevents tilting or swaying and ensures only vertical motion.

Large Vertical Adjustment Range

The 281 offers 3 full inches of vertical adjustment with 48 revolutions of the adjustment knob. The model 271 has lower sensitivity and a smaller adjustment range.

Metric and Imperial Threads Included

The 271 and 281 Lab Jacks are both English and Metric compatible. The top plate has an array of 1/4-20 tapped holes on 1 in. centers while the bottom plate has an array of M6 holes on 25 mm centers. Both the top and bottom plates have four clearance slots used for mounting the lab jack to optical tables.