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Aluminum Mirror, Float Glass, 25.4 mm, 5λ, 400-10,000 nm
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Aluminum Mirror, Float Glass, 50.8 mm, 5λ, 400-10,000 nm
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Square mirror is also available.



Low Cost Float Glass Substrate

Float glass is made by floating molten glass over a bed of molten metal. While this is a low cost material that is used in commercial windows, the production method yields a very flat surface of uniform thickness making it a good choice for optics. For more information, refer to the optical material technical note.

Enhanced Aluminum Broadband Metallic Coating

The front surface is coated with our ER.3 dielectric-enhanced aluminum coating. Average reflectivity is greater than 90% from 400-2000 nm typically.

Front or Back Reflector Applications

These mirrors can be used as a front or back surface reflector. A removable plastic sheet is attached to the coated surface to protect the mirror surface during shipment and handling. It can be left on if used as a back surface reflector or removed if used as a front surface reflector.