Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Travel Range Thread Type Load Capacity Platform Size Availability Price
3 mm 2-56 and 8-32 22 N 25 x 25 mm
5 mm 6-32 and 1/4-20 36 N 40 x 40 mm
14 mm 1/4-20 86 N 65 x 65 mm
3 mm M2 and M4 22 N 25 x 25 mm
5 mm M3 and M6 36 N 40 x 40 mm
14 mm M6 86 N 65 x 65 mm



Dovetail Slide Bearings for Smooth Motion in a Compact Size

Dovetail stages are ideal for small, controlled travel to eventually remain locked in place for long time periods. These further compact version of the MT Dovetail stages also do not employ typical roller bearings of cylindrical rails, which makes them less susceptible to shock and vibration. These DS series dovetail stages slide along precision preloaded dovetail slides, whose unique shape ensures accurate, repeatable motion. These compact, modular stages are available in X, XY, or XYZ configurations with a lower footprint than the MT Dovetail series for the DS25 version.

Precise, 1 µm Step Control With Secure Hold Over Long Lifetimes

Each stage come equipped with an 80 TPI hex-driven drive screw for precision positioning of 1 µm while maintaining a low footprint. The motion can then be locked in place using an additional hex-screw controlled locking mechanism that insures placement over long times.

Easily Combined for Multi-axis Motion

The DS Series Vertical Stages are compatible with DS Series Linear Stages, RS Series Rotation Stages and GON Series Goniometric Stages of matching size (for example, DS40-Z with DS40-XY, RS65 with DS65). They can be combined to provide multi-axis motion and can be easily adapted to fit a specific system's needs. A six-axis manual positioning system is shown using matched 65 x 65 mm stages.