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Laser Diode Mount, 14-pin DIL
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Laser Diode Mount, 14-pin DIL, Temp Controlled
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Fully Configurable Pinouts and Standard Connections

All standard mounts in the LDM-4980 series feature fully configurable laser and temperature control connections. This allows the flexibility to accommodate virtually any laser diode pin configuration. In addition, these mounts have the ILX Lightwave® standard 9-pin D-sub input connections to make setup and configuration consistent and easy.

Case Temperature Control Option

The LDM-4982T version is equipped with an external case temperature control option with a built-in thermoelectric module and calibrated 10 kW thermistor. The external case temperature control allows for control of laser package temperature, resulting in simultaneous and independent temperature control of both laser die temperature and package temperature. It is ideal for applications requiring tight temperature stability, different case temperatures, or for testing laser diodes at a wider temperature range than can be accomplished with the internal TEC alone.

Zero insertion force (ZIF) sockets

The LDM-4982 series is designed to allow quick and easy insertion of DIL-packaged lasers via a 14-pin zero insertion force (ZIF) socket to facilitate ease of mounting and to minimize strain on device leads. Simple lever actuation provides reliable electrical connections to all laser pins. Once installed in the socket, the rear flange of the laser package is friction-clamped to the mount heat sink. (Note that the clamp fingers may be removed, and the laser screwed directly to the heat sink, if desired.)