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Pneumatic Vibration Isolator, Automatic Re-leveling, 19.5 in., Tie-bar Flange
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
Pneumatic Vibration Isolator, Automatic Re-leveling, 22 in., Tie-bar Flange
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
Pneumatic Vibration Isolator, Automatic Re-leveling, 23.5 in., Tie-bar Flange
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
Pneumatic Vibration Isolator, Automatic Re-leveling, 28 in., Tie-bar Flange
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
Vibration Isolator Set, S-2000A, 19.5 in., Tie-bar Flange, Qty 4
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
Vibration Isolator Set, S-2000A, 22 in., Tie-bar Flange, Qty 4
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
Vibration Isolator Set, S-2000A, 23.5 in., Tie-bar Flange, Qty 4
4 Weeks
4 Weeks
Vibration Isolator Set, S-2000A, 28 in., Tie-bar Flange, Qty 4
4 Weeks
4 Weeks


  • Type
    Pneumatic Vibration Isolator with Tie-Bar Flange
  • Load Capacity per Isolator
    2000 lb (900 kg)
  • Tie Bar Flange
  • Float Height Indicator
  • Self Centering
  • Height Adjustment
    +1.09/-0.25 in. (+27.7/-6.4 mm)
  • Horizontal Isolation, Resonance
    1.5 Hz
  • Horizontal Amplification at Resonance
    9 dB
  • Horizontal Isolation, 5 Hz
  • Horizontal Isolation, 10 Hz
  • Vertical Isolation, Resonance
    1 Hz
  • Vertical Amplification at Resonance
    10 dB
  • Vertical Isolation, 5 Hz
  • Vertical Isolation, 10 Hz


S-2000 Stabilizer™ Pneumatic Vibration Isolator Overview

Learn about the features and performance of our innovative S-2000 Stabilizer™ Pneumatic Vibration Isolators.

S-2000 Stabilizer™ Pneumatic Vibration Isolator Installation

Learn about how to install your new S-2000 Stabilizer™ pneumatic vibration isolators.

Stabilizer™ Hybrid Chamber Design

One of the most important design goals of pneumatic vibration isolator is to achieve lower natural frequency. It is related to the isolator's compliance volume - the larger the volume, the lower the frequency. Unlike the conventional design of a compliance chamber (the volume of which affects natural frequency) and a damping chamber, Newport's patented Stabilizer hybrid chamber design consists of a small size initial chamber and a second damping chamber together as a unified hybrid chamber. Because the initial chamber is reduced dramatically in size, it forces the isolator to use the second chamber as part of the compliance volume, which greatly increases the compliance volume for a given package size, and greatly lowers the natural frequency.

Laminar Flow Technology Boosts Damping Efficiency

Apart from low natural frequency, another indicator of the isolator performance is damping efficiency. It is proportional to the air flow and pressure drop through the damper. Newport's exclusive incorporation of laminar flow damping element in the isolator design largely improves the damping efficiency compared to competitor's single orifice or thin tube design. The laminar flow disks connecting the two chambers create better linkage between piston motion and damping chamber air flow. This generates a higher damping force for a given piston displacement for faster, more efficient damping. It also lowers the amplification at resonance and improves isolation bandwidth and settling time. S-2000A also uses custom molded ultra-soft diaphragms to reduce the stiffness to further improve the vertical isolation performance.

Trifilar Pendulum Design for Horizontal Isolation

The S-2000's superior horizontal isolation is achieved through a mechanical filter system. Compared with other manufacturers' contacting bearing surfaces, Newport introduces zero friction trifilar pendulum system emerged in energy dissipating oil to eliminate the friction that commonly disturb high accuracy applications, thus enabling isolation to much lower vibration levels as well as high accuracy table repositioning after disturbances. In addition, the S-2000 design features proprietary self centering capability, to better ensure isolator alignment and eliminate horizontal shorting which could happen in other designs.

High Accuracy Automatic Re-Leveling

The automatic re-leveling capabilities on our S-2000 pneumatic vibration isolators set them apart from other pneumatic isolation solutions by providing precise and fast re-leveling of the entire optical table system. IPV series leveling valves offer a wide variety of valve options including the most popular IPV-S1 coming standard with repeatability of ±0.010 in. (0.25 mm), as well as low gain versions for better higher frequency isolation and high gain version for shorter re-leveling time at a slight decrease in high frequency isolation. Newport also offers high-precision version for an improved re-leveling accuracy to better than ±0.002 in. Individual isolators do not include the leveling valve.

1.3 inch Height Adjustment Capability

Apart from its superior isolation design, S-2000 pneumatic vibration isolators also features robust and user friendly mechanical design for better user experience. Newport is the only manufacturer that provides 1.3 inches of height adjustment compensation in the isolator to allow for easy leveling of the entire system or alignment of separate tables. Compared to competitor's solution of using shims or putty before installation, Newport's design brings ease to fine-tuning the isolator height.

S-2000 Isolator Safety Features and Accessories

S-2000 pneumatic vibration isolators integrate our exclusive SafeLock™ optical table mounting clips to provide a safe and reliable connection of the isolator to the optical table. SafeLock™ mounting clips feature a slot for easy installation. Numerous SafeLock™ secured systems have survived earthquakes throughout California and Japan.

We also offer optical table earthquake restraints as a table accessory. Our earthquake restraints are designed to withstand the earthquake loads corresponding to, or lower than, the 2012 IBC seismic accelerations Ss=2.011, S1=0.786 (for example, Hayward, CA). The design of the Restraint is in compliance with 2012 International Building Code (IBC) and 2013 California Building Code (CBC).

Compatible with Optical Table Tie Bars

Optical table supports with a tie bar flange are compatible with our optical table support tie-bar systems. Optical table support tie-bars increase the stability of your optical table. They are available in kits for various standard size optical tables with and without casters for moving the table system. We also offer complete optical table and support systems that include the optical table, isolators, and support frames that incorporate tie-bars between the isolators.