Application Notes

Simulation of Solar Irradiation

Technical Notes

Oriel® Solar Simulators provide the closest spectral match to solar spectra available from any artificial source. The match is not exact, but better than needed for many applications. For the closest match possible, choose a Oriel Sol3A Class AAA Sol...

Air Bearing Solution Guide

Selection Guides

Whether your application requires the DynamYX® Datum™ capable of 5 G acceleration and nanometer accuracy, the evolutionary HybrYX® air and mechanical bearing “hybrid” stage or the newly released SinguLYS® that combines many of the advanced features o...

The Effect of Dispersion on Ultrashort Pulses

Technical Notes

The description of the Gaussian pulse given by (1) is intuitive in the sense that it is fairly straightforward to conceptualize a pulse in the time domain. However, when dealing with pulses traveling through dispersive media, it can be problematic to...

Solar Simulator Sample Calculations

Technical Notes

The spectral irradiance at any wavelength, Eλ, is in units of watts per square meter per nm (W m-2 nm-1). The value is a measure of the flux per nm at the specified wavelength incident normally onto an element of the surface divided by the area of th...

Newport Air Bearing Stage Solutions


High performance air bearing stage solutions for precision, repeatability and throughput offered in DynamYX®, HybrYX® and SinguLYS™ family.

QuantX Quantum Efficiency System


Instructions on the initial set-up of an Oriel quantum efficiency system.

Physics Blogroll and Industry Links

Technical Notes

Below we list our favorite Physics blogs and photonics industry links. If you have a great, or know of a great physics blog or industry resource we've left out that you'd like to see added, please let us know.

Technology & Applications Center (TAC) Solutions


Newport's Technology & Applications Center (TAC) was established as an in-house research laboratory, to aid in the development of application-specific solutions for our fellow research customers. The scientists and engineers in the TAC apply their ow...

Photo-Biological Testing with UV Solar Simulators

Application Notes

Photo-biology is the study of the effect of UVA and/or UVB, visible, and IR radiation upon living systems. The first law of photochemistry (Grotthaus-Draper Law) states that light must be absorbed for a photochemical event to occur.

Photochemistry and Photobiology


Because of the strong ozone absorption, any photons with wavelengths shorter than 280 nm at ground level are most likely due to human activity (or lightning). This is just as well since these short wavelength photons have enough energy to break many ...
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