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Piezo Actuator, Tiny Picomotor, 0.5 in. Travel, Ultra-High Vacuum
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Picomotor Actuator, Tiny, 0.5 in. Travel, Vacuum-Compatible
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In Stock


  • Travel Range
    12.7 mm
  • Minimum Incremental Motion
    <30 nm
  • Maximum Speed
    1.2 mm/min
  • Axial Load Capacity
    13 N
  • Frequency
    2 kHz
  • Operating Temperature


Vacuum and Ultra-High Vacuum Compatible

The vacuum version of the Tiny Picomotor actuator can be used in vacuum (10-6 Torr) environments and the ultra-high vacuum version can be used in UHV (10-9 Torr) environments as well as VUV/EUV applications.

<30 nm Positioning Resolution

Our Picomotor actuators have a step size of less than 30 nm per step, allowing for very small, controlled movements. Note that the step size for open-loop picomotors varies from step to step and between forward and backward directions, and is directly related to payload – hence, position feedback should be provided by an external signal when operating an open-loop picomotor. For vacuum applications requiring absolute position calibration and high repeatability, consider a Vacuum Compatible Closed-Loop Picomotor actuator.

Teflon or Kapton Wires

All of our vacuum compatible and ultra-high vacuum compatible Picomotor actuators come with short, Teflon-coated leads so you can make connections to your vacuum-chamber feedthrough. If, however, you are working with X-rays or other high-radiation applications, we offer versions with Kapton-coated wire extensions.

Ultra-compact Design

The small footprint of the Tiny Picomotor actuators make them ideal for your compact-area needs. Even in this small package they offer up to 3 lbs (13 N) of push force.

Easy-to-use Flexible Motion Controllers and Drivers

Our Open-Loop Picomotor controllers and drivers are modular. You can daisy-chain up to 31 drivers together with four channels each, so you can have a network of up to 124 standard Picomotor actuators. You have two interface options with the controller system: hand pad or computer, both providing plug-and-play use. Alternatively, you may choose to use our TTL/Analog Picomotor driver.

Set-and-forget stability with virtually no backlash

The Tiny Picomotor actuator moves when voltage is applied to the piezo, changing its length and in turn moving the jaws which turn the screw. When no power is applied, the actuator does not move. You can feel confident that your set-up will stay put, even when you power down your system.