Simply Better™ Precision Motion Control

When you need fine control of your laser alignment, linear stages, rotary stages, etc., New Focus™ has an innovative, reliable solution for you. Here we outline several reasons why our Picomotor™ actuators and motorized stages and mounts are optimum products.

Exceptional precision

Our Picomotor actuators have a step size of <30 nm per step, allowing for very small, controlled movements. In addition, we have closed-loop solutions offering excellent repeatability. Closed-loop, encoderized versions are available for actuators (Closed-Loop Picomotor™ Actuator and Intelligent Picomotor Driver), linear stages (Optically Encoded Stainless-Steel Translation Stages), and rotary stages (Closed Loop Picomotor Motorized Rotation Stages).

Set-and-forget stability with virtually no backlash

The Picomotor actuator moves when voltage is applied to the piezo, changing its length and in turn moving the jaws which turn the screw (see below for more detail on how the Picomotor actuator works). When no power is applied, the actuator does not move. You can feel confident that your set-up will stay put, even when you power down your system.

Vacuum compatibility

We have several solutions for motion control in vacuum or ultraclean environments. Our standard Picomotor actuators are offered in both vacuum (to 10-6 Torr) and UHV (to 10-9 Torr) versions (Vacuum and Ultrahigh-Vacuum Picomotor™ Actuators). Both the Tiny Picomotor and Closed-Loop Picomotor actuators are available in vacuum versions (pages 162, 168). We also have the Picomotor actuator Ultra, which is designed for UHV and/or ultraclean environments (Picomotor™ Actuator Ultra Series).

Substantial force from a small package

With load capacity of 5 lbs (22N), our Picomotor actuators have a substantial push force. All this fits in a compact package. Our Tiny Picomotor actuator now offers up to 3 lbs of push force in an even smaller package size.

Easy-to-use, flexible controllers and drivers

Our Intelligent Picomotor (iPico™) controller and drivers (Intelligent Picomotor™ (iPico™) Modules) are modular. You can daisy-chain up to 31 drivers together, so you can have a network of up to 93 standard Picomotor actuators or up to 31 Closed-loop Picomotor actuators. You have three interface options with the iPico system: joystick, handpad, or computer control. Alternatively, you may choose to use our TTL/Analog Picomotor Driver.