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Kinematic Mirror Mount, Vertical Drive, 0.5 in., 2 Allen-Keys
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12.7 mm Allen-Key, locking θx, θy 5.8 arc sec Table Mounting
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Kinematic Mirror Mount, Vertical Drive, 1.0 in., 2 Knob Adj.
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25.4 mm Knob, locking θx, θy 2.5 arc sec Table Mounting
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Keep Your Hands Out of Harms Way

Top adjust mounts have their adjustment screws located above where the optic is held so that your hands never have to enter the beam area.

Locking Actuators

For long-term stability, Top Adjust Lab Mounts feature set screw locks which exert a radial force against the screw to prevent rotation and to lock the mirror mount's alignment in place.

Removable Base Plate

The base plate on both the HVM-1 and HVM-.5 can be removed to allow post mounting. Post mounting is preferred for higher beam paths. Removing the base from the HVM-1 reveals three 8-32 threaded holes with 0.5-in. spacing.  Under the base of the HVM-.5, shown in the photo, are two threaded holes: an 8-32 and an M4. 

Compact Geometry

Top adjust mirror mounts normally feature a slimmer profile and smaller footprint than traditional mounts. As such, they can often fit more easily into tight or restricted spaces when traditional mounts may not. Top adjust mirror mounts are ideal for use in laser cavities and OEM applications.

Horizontal Mounting

The HVM-1 has a rear-accessible 1.063-20 threaded aperture in the frame. By using the RSA-1TI adaptor, the HVM-1 can be mounted horizontally.