Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Minimum Aperture Maximum Aperture Thread Type Graduations Availability Price
5 Weeks
1.0 mm 12 mm 1.035-40 No
5 Weeks
In Stock
1.0 mm 12 mm 1.035-40 Yes
In Stock
1.0 mm 25 mm 2.035-40 No


Ring Actuated Threaded Iris Diaphragm

The threaded ring-actuated iris diaphragms feature an external SM thread on one end and internal SM thread on the other end, allowing easy installation into our lens tube system or OpticsCage+™ cage system with minimal alignment required.

Low Profile with Lock

The threaded iris diaphragms are offered in two sizes for 1 and 2 in. components. They are low profile with no lever sticking up that could lead to unintended changes. A setscew on the side of housing can lock the iris in place once designed opening is achieved. 

Graduated Version

The 1.0 in. iris diaphragm is also offered in a graduated version. It allows the user to determine the size of the adjusted aperture even when the iris is enclosed by lens tubes.