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iris diaphragm model m-di47.50
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Iris Diaphragm 5 mm 49 mm M4
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Iris Diaphragm 7 mm 73 mm M4
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Wide Range of Possible Aperture Sizes

M-DI47 Series Iris Diaphragms feature an easy-to-grip housing and provide continuously variable apertures for a multitude of optical applications, such as beam alignment, light attenuation, or as baffles to block spurious reflections and scattered light. Three models are available with aperture size ranges 5.0 mm to 49 mm and 7.0 mm to 73 mm. Irises mount directly to Metric optical posts and pillars with an M4 threaded stud.

Continuously Adjustable Aperture With Ideal Shape

For smooth adjustment and an optimal shape for the aperture opening, each iris consists of an 18 of curved, overlapping, spring-steel leaves. These leaves intersect to provide a circular opening as they adjust continuously between two supporting rings with the adjustment of a pin handle attached to the inner ring.