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180° ±2 arc sec 6.35 mm 5 mm Grade A N-BK7 40-20 scratch-dig
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180° ±2 arc sec 12.7 mm 9.5 mm Grade A N-BK7 40-20 scratch-dig
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180° ±2 arc sec 25.4 mm 19.0 mm Grade A N-BK7 40-20 scratch-dig
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180° Reflection Regardless of Beam Orientation

Solid glass retroreflectors are sometimes called corner cubes because the reflecting surfaces are three mutually perpendicular faces, like the corner of a cube. Light entering a retroreflector is reflected back 180°, and parallel to the original beam, regardless of its orientation to the beam. The three reflective surfaces are uncoated, relying on total internal reflection (TIR), which gives them limitations at severe angles of incidence. They also must be kept clean for TIR to work properly.

N-BK7 for VIS and NIR Applications

N-BK7 is an excellent prism material for most visible and near infrared applications. It is the most common borosilicate crown optical glass, and it provides great performance at a good value. Its high homogeneity, low bubble and inclusion content, and straightforward manufacturability make it a good choice for transmissive optics.

RoHS Compliant

These prisms have been tested for dangerous substances like Pb, Cd, Hg, Hex-Cr, PBB, and PBDE and have been found to be in compliance with RoHS allowable levels.

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