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Linear Polarizer, Polarizer Sheet, 4000:1, 450-750 nm, 25.4 mm
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In Stock


  • Diameter
    25.4 mm
  • Wavelength Range
    450-750 nm
  • Material
  • Polarizing Material
    Polarizer Film AP32-015T
  • Extinction Ratio
  • Damage Threshold
    10 W/cm2 (cw), 75 mJ/cm2 (20-ns pulse)
  • Surface Quality
    60-40 scratch-dig
  • Surface Flatness
    ≤4λ at 633 nm
  • Clear Aperture
    22.6 mm
  • Transmitted Beam Deviation
    0.3 mrad
  • Transmission


Black Anodized Aluminum Housing

The polarizer assembly is mounted in a black anodized aluminum housing for protection, with the transmission axis clearly marked. The standard one inch diameter makes mounting easy into any Newport rotation stage such as the RSP-1T or the 481-A. 

4000:1 Extinction Ratio

The laminated structure of these polarizers makes them durable and perfect for low-power 450-750 nm applications. Transmission through two Model 5511 polarizers is shown as a function of wavelength.