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Cable, RS-232 Serial Communication, 6 Foot (1.8 Meter) Length
Cable, USB 2.0, Type A to Type B, 9.8 Foot (3 Meter) Length
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PC Communication Cables

The 70040 and 70044 cables are PC communication cables for Oriel products. The 70040 is a DB9 Male to DB9 Female cable. The 70040 may be used with a variety of instruments, such as RS-232 compatible Oriel monochromators and spectrographs such as model MS260i-RG-1-FH-D. The 70044 USB 2.0 Cable is 3.0 m long and features a Type A connector on one end and a Type B connector on the other end. The 70044 may be used with the APEX2-XE light source, USFW-100 filter wheel, and QE systems. The redesigned CS130B monochromator includes both RS-232 and USB 2.0 ports to allow the user to choose which communication type they prefer. Both cables are RoHS compliant. Please note that Oriel products typically come with their compatible cable.