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Fixed Mirror Mount, PX Series, 1 in., Stainless Steel
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  • Optic Diameter
    1.0 inch (25.4 mm)
  • Adjustments
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Thread Type
    8-32 (M4) CLR


Fixed Mirror Mount

Our stainless steel PX-FM1 fixed mirror mount features the same integrated slotted-base design as PX series forkless pedestals and posts, which allows easy location and orientation adjustment within tight space. With three counterbored mounting holes in the base, It is ideal for OEM applications that require exceptional mounting stability. 

Collection of OEM Mirror Mounts

The newest and best performing OEM mirror mounts come from Newport. We've focused on incorporating key features for industrial applications into each mount including alignment pin slots, adhesive wells and actuator locks.  Click the video link here to see the industry's most cost-effective, compact, and stable mirror mounts.

Test Data

Newport's thermal drift testing of mirror mounts has two purposes: (1) to measure the maximum deflection during a peak temperature shift (after a soaking period) and (2) to measure the shift in position after temperature cycling and return to initial temperature.

A mirror mount, with mirror installed, was securely fixed to a 1.5"-diameter solid steel pedestal post. This assembly was then placed inside of a climate-controlled environmental chamber and mounted to a stainless steel optical table.  Upon fastening to the table, the mirror mount was set to nominal and zeroed to set the initial position. Throughout the test, an independently thermally isolated CONEX-LDS Autocollimator was used to monitor the reflected beam position. After initial alignment adjustments, the mirror mount was left to rest for two hours to allow the internal kinematic forces to reach equilibrium. Then, the mirror mount was subjected to a 10°C increase in temperature for one hour through convection heating. After a thermal soaking period to ensure the mount is sufficiently heated through, the mirror mount was returned to its original temperature, completing a cycle. This temperature cycling process was repeated 10 times over the duration of 62 hours, with deflection during peak temperature and shift after the end of each cycle recorded.

PX-FM1 Thermal Testing Results

The maximum deflection of the PX-FM1 mirror mount during peak temperature was 10 µrad in pitch and 8 µrad in yaw, and the shift in reflected beam position after temperature cycling was < 1 µrad in pitch and < 1 µrad in yaw. This demonstrates the mount's excellent thermal properties. Further details are shown in the accompanying graphs.