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Multimode Fiber, Step Index, 500-2100 nm, 0.22 NA, 550 µm Core, High Power
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In Stock
Multimode Fiber, Step Index, 500-1100 nm, 0.37 NA, 600 µm Core, High Power
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4 Weeks
Multimode Fiber, Step Index, 500-2100 nm, 0.22 NA, 365 µm Core, High Power
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High Damage Threshold Fibers

Our High-Power Density Fibers have a pure silica core and a silica cladding, providing an ultra-high damage threshold. In addition, a chemically bonded hard coat adds high strength and increases fatigue resistance. The fibers’ low OH- content makes them most suitable for operation in the 500–2100 nm wavelength ranges. Fibers in this category, offered in 365 and 550 µm core diameters, can tolerate peak power density levels nearing 1 GW/cm2.

Moderate Damage Threshold Fibers

Our Moderate Power Density Multimode Fiber features a pure silica core and a bonded hard polymer cladding, adding strength and increasing fatigue resistance. The fiber’s high NA of 0.37 allows greater light coupling efficiencies and allows for added bend insensitivity. This fiber is available in 600 µm core diameter, and is most suitable for use in the 500 to 1100 nm wavelength range. Limited to maximum power densities of about 100 kW/cm2.


  • Medical Laser Delivery
  • Industrial Laser Delivery
  • Laser Welding and Ablation
  • High Power Illumination
  • Other High Power CW and Pulsed Laser Delivery Systems

Standard and Custom Patch Cables Available

Standard patch cables are available in several standard lengths with FC, ST, and SMA connectors. If you need custom configuration, please use our custom patch configurator model: F-PATCH-CUSTOM.

Volume Discount

The following volume discount schedule is automatically applied when ordering continuous lengths of bare optical fiber ≥10 m:

  • 10 - 49 m: 15%
  • 50 - 99 m: 22%
  • 100 - 499 m: 25%
  • ≥ 500 m: 28%

Discount applicable to continuous length of fiber only.