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Achromatic Waveplate, Quarter-Wave, Polymer, 25.4 mm, 545 nm Center, 460-644 nm
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Achromatic Waveplate, Quarter-Wave, Polymer, 25.4 mm, 720 nm Center, 615-860 nm
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Achromatic Waveplate, Quarter-Wave, Polymer, 25.4 mm, 840 nm Center, 715-1000 nm
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Achromatic Waveplate, Quarter-Wave, Polymer, 25.4 mm, 1060 nm Center, 900-1270 nm
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  • Retardation
  • Retardation Accuracy
  • Material
    Grade A N-BK7
  • Diameter
    25.4 mm
  • Housing
    Black anodized aluminum
  • Clear Aperture
    10.2 mm
  • Antireflection Coating
    Broadband, multilayer coating
  • Average Reflectance
  • Damage Threshold
    500 W/cm2 CW
  • Pulse Damage Threshold
    0.3 J/cm2 with 10 nsec pulses, visible
    0.5 J/cm2 with 10 nsec pulses at 1064 nm
  • Surface Quality
    40-20 scratch-dig
  • Acceptance Angle
    ± 7°
  • Transmitted Beam Deviation
    ≤1 arc min
  • Wavefront Distortion
    ≤λ/4 at 632.8 nm over the full aperture
  • Diameter Tolerance
    ±0.13 mm
  • Thickness
    6.0 mm
  • Operating Temperature Range
    -20 to 50°C


High Retardation Accuracy

Our polymer achromatic waveplates are designed to operate with a high degree of retardation accuracy over a broad wavelength range. These true zero-order wave plates are constructed using a stack of birefringent polymer films laminated between two high-precision N-BK7 optical windows, each with a high efficiency, broadband antireflection coating. This construction ensures excellent transmitted wavefront quality, while minimizing beam deviation and surface reflection losses.

Low Sensitivity to Wavelength Change

Achromatic Zero-Order Waveplates have low sensitivity to incidence angle and wavelength. Retardation changes by less than 1% over a ±7° incidence angle and is maintained to better than ±λ/100 over the entire bandwidth. This is a significant improvement in angular acceptance and less sensitivity to wavelength change than achromatic quartz–MgF2 wave plates. One drawback however is that the achromatic waveplates have some variation in transmittance vs wavelength due to several polymer layers that are used in each achromatic wave plate. Quartz-MgF2 offer a higher and more uniform transmittance.

Black Anodized Aluminum Housing

The achromatic waveplate assembly is mounted in a black anodized aluminum housing for protection and ease of mounting, with the retarder fast axis marked for alignment reference. The standard 25.4 mm outer diameter housing has a 10.2 mm diameter clear aperture and is convenient for mounting into Newport rotation mounts.

Manual Rotation Mounts

POLAR-ROT-MOUNT-FEAT OM-rm25_pol_rot_mnt-S RM25B-OpticsCage-Plus OC1-INTF tip-tilt-family NW_RS4065_POST
Models UPA-RM1A RM25A RM25B OC1-PR M1-1PR
(M-) RS65
Retaining Thread 1.063-20
Compatible Optic Diameter* 25.4 mm
12.7 mm (PRA-05)
Special Features 1 in. Mirror Mounts Compatibility OpticsCage+™ Compatibility Tip&Tilt Adjustments Fine Adjustments
Models (M-) MT-RS 9401 (-M) (M-) LH-1PR (M-) 481-A
(M-) 481-A-S
Retaining Thread 0.546-32 1.040-32 1.035-40 1.063-20 2.063-20
Compatible Optic Diameter* 12.7 mm 25.4 mm 25.4 mm
12.7 mm (PRA-05)
50.8 mm
25.4 mm
12.7 mm (PRA-05)
50.8 mm (LH2-2R)
38.1 mm (LH2-1.5R)
25.4 mm (LH1-1R)
12.7 mm (LH1-0.5R)
6.35 mm (LH1-0.25R)
Special Features Compact Stackable A-Line™ Compatibility Fine Adjustments Quick Exchange

Motorized Rotation Mounts

8410 MT-multi-axis MC-SR50-S 8401
Models 8410 (CONEX-) AG-PR100 (V6) SR50PP
8401 (-M)
Retaining Thread 1.040-32 1.063-20 1.563-20
Compatible Optic Diameters* 25.4 mm 25.4 mm
12.7 mm

*The adapter in parentheses is required for the optic size before it.