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Fiber Cleaver <0.5° typical 125 µm with 250-900 µm coating
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Fiber Cleaver 8º (±2º) 125 μm with 250-900 µm coating


Manual Cleaver with Ease-of-Use and Long Life

The Model F-BK3 Fiber Optic Cleaver offers precise end face quality with clean edges and very little angle, free of lips, chips or hackle for better splice performance. The diamond edge provides over 48,000 cleaves without replacement. It is an excellent choice for portability and ease of use.

A typical F-BK3 cleave is clean, flat and perpendicular.

Field Angled Fiber Cleaver

The F-CLX-8-3-2 Manual Angled Cleaver is designed to angle cleave a single 125 μm diameter singlemode optical fiber with the mirror-smooth, damage-free fiber core. Cleaving a singlemode fiber with the core at 8º from the perpendicular ensures the back-reflection will not be guided back down the fiber, and hence the return loss will be -60 dB or greater. 8° angled cleaves are used in mechanical splices to form a mechanical join for instance in FTTx applications. The cleaver can be used as a field tool or on the benchtop.