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Fiber Cleaver, 0.5 deg., 6-10 mm Cleave, 250-900 µm Coating
Fiber Cleaver, Manual, 0.5 Degree Angle, 125 um Fiber, 3 mm min. Cleave
2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Manual 8-Fiber Ribbon Cleaver, 8.4 Degree Angle, 10mm min. Cleave
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Manual Cleavers with Ease-of-Use and Long Life

The Model F-BK3 Fiber Optic Cleaver offers precise end face quality with clean edges and very little angle, free of lips, chips or hackle for better splice performance. The diamond edge provides over 48,000 cleaves without replacement. It is an excellent choice for portability and ease of use.

A typical F-BK3 cleave is clean, flat and perpendicular.

Rugged Fiber Cleavers Offer Advanced Performance

The F-CLX Series Rugged Fiber Cleavers are simple to operate and produce very high quality cleaves. Once the fiber is placed in the V-groove, the patented mechanism clamps, tenses, scribes and cleaves the fiber with a simple downward push of the top lever. Both versions offer a minimum cleave length of only 3 mm. Other features include a long-life blade angled to reduce stresses during cleaving and providing up to 20,000 cleaves, and a scale for gauging cleave lengths.

Perpendicular Fiber Cleavers

The F-CLX-0-3 perpendicular optical fiber cleaver provides a typical end angle of 0.25° and has an excellent cleave repeatability.

Angled Fiber Cleavers

The F-CLX-8-3 angle cleaves fibers to eliminate back reflections with an average angle of 8° and a standard deviation of 0.35°.

Ribbon Cleavers Available

The F-RCL Series Ribbon Cleavers are available for angle cleaving 4-fiber or 8-fiber ribbons for pigtailing to arrays of photonic components. Both models angle cleave all fibers in the ribbon at 8° (0.35° standard deviation) with a cleave length set at 7-10mm.