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Irradiance and Dosage Sensor, 200 to 850 nm
Irradiance and Dosage Sensor, 1.5 μW/cm² to 15 W/cm², Ø2.75 mm, 350-450 nm
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General Purpose Radiometeric Sensor

The 818-RAD LED and laser radiometer replaces traditional radiometers which are calibrated to a specific wavelength band such as UVA, UVB, UVC, or photopic. It offers calibration over a broad spectral range, which the user can access by entering any wavelength in the calibration range. 818-RAD is a general purpose circular geometry photodiode irradiance and dosage sensor with an 8mm aperture and a cosine corrected diffuser. Its spectral range is 200 - 850 nm and its irradiance measurement range is 100 nW/cm² - 250 mW/cm². The sensor has a 1.5 meter length cable for connecting to a power meter.

Ideal for Irradiance and Dosage Measurement

The 818-RAD sensor is equipped with an 8mm aperture and a cosine corrected diffuser. It is deal to measure the radiant flux per unit area for a large area uniform light source. The cosine corrector allows accurate irradiance measurements (W/cm²) for narrowband, diverging light sources such as color LEDs than standard photodiode sensors. The compatible power meters are also capable of integrating the irradiance over time, thereby providing the total amount of exposure (dosage) in J/cm². 

Cosine Corrector for Beam at an Angle

In order to get a good cosine corrected response, a diffuser is placed in front of the photodiode to convert directional light into lambertian diffused light, thus eliminating any sensitivity to direction. In addition, it allows to measure highly diverging light sources such as LEDs more accurately than standard photodiode sensors.

NIST-traceable Sensor Calibration

Our calibrated photodiode sensors include a full spectral response calibration utilizing NIST-traceable standards calibrated with high-precision equipment maintained in Newport’s optical detector calibration facility. Tight calibration facility and process control allows the tightest calibration uncertainty in industry. Each detector is shipped with the calibration data, which is electronically stored inside the detector's EEPROM. A certificate of calibration as well as the calibration data are shipped with each detector. To maintain accuracy and guarantee performance, Newport recommends annual photodiode detector calibration.

Newport offers a comprehensive range of optical power meters from low cost, hand-held meters to the most advanced dual-channel benchtop meter available in the market. Presented here is a list of meters compatible with the 919E Series sensors. For more detailed information about our power meters, please see our Optical Power Meter Guide.








Measurement Modes Irradiance
Analog Bandwidth 15 Hz 15 Hz 15 Hz 15 Hz
Data Storage Limited by USB memory size

843-R-USB: Via PMManager

843-R: None

User Commands, PMManager Limited by computer memory size
Measurement Rate per Second 15 15 15 15
Computer Interface



843-R-USB: USB

843-R: None

Additionally, please refer to Newport Power Meter and Detector Legacy and Compatibility for a complete list of meters that are compatible with this model.