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Diffraction Grating Mount, 12.5 mm, Fixed
Diffraction Grating Mount, 25 mm, 3-axis
Diffraction Grating Mount, 50 mm, 3-axis
Diffraction Grating Mount, Top Portion of DGM-1 Only
Diffraction Grating Mount, 12.5 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm


Get To Know The DGA-25 and DGA-50

The photo collage shows the key features of the DGA-25 and DGA-50.

  • Top Left - Mounting for 25x25, 25x50, or 50x50-mm gratings. Newport now sells 25x25, 25x50, and 50x50-mm gratings which are compatible with both the DGA-25 and DGA-50.
  • Top Right - Not two, but three axes of adjustment: θx, θy, θz.  Use pitch and yaw for beam alignment, use roll to set the grating lines. All adjustments are lockable.
  • Bottom Left: CenterPoint™ post mounting which locates the surface of the grating on the rotation axis of the mounting post.
  • Bottom Right: In addition to diffraction gratings, the DGA-25 and DGA-50 can hold 1” and 2” beam splitting cubes respectively, right angle prisms, and square mirrors.

DGM-1 Provides the 4th Degree of Freedom

The DGM-1 has four degrees of freedom to achieve ideal alignment. Its extra degree of freedom, linear translation, allows gratings with different thicknesses, to always be positioned to sit right at the center of yaw rotation.

Versatile Clamping Mechanism

The mounting holes on the face of the DGM-1 clamp mechanism can be reconfigured to hold 12,5, 25, or 50 mm gratings. The clamp always keeps the center of the grating at the center of rotation.