HeNe Laser Mounting

ULM Series cylindrical laser mounts attach to 340-RC and 370-RC rod clamps and provide a convenient way to attach these HeNe lasers to Newport stages, tables, or breadboards.

Two Laser Lines in One HeNe

Dual line HeNe lasers are equipped with a three position filter assembly attached onto the front bezel of the laser head. Position one blocks the beam completely. Position two allows both wavelengths to be emitted. Position three blocks one beam and allows the deeper IR beam only. Model R-40138includes a 1.15/3.39 µm laser, and model R-40137 includes a 633/1523 nm laser.

HeNe Laser Advantages

HeNe Lasers use a mixture of Helium and Neon gas as the gain medium excited by an electrical discharge. Helium Neon gas lasers are based on a mature and well understood technology that offers a cost effective laser source with fundamental Gaussian beam quality, and ease of use. HeNe lasers offer a stable optical output over lifetimes greater than 20,000 hours and are insensitive to optical feedback.

Optimized Cavity Mirror Performance

Utilizing enhanced designs and superior optical components these lasers deliver unsurpassed operational stability and lifetimes.


  • Infrared Interferometry
  • Wavelength reference
  • Fiber optic line testing
  • Alignment of IR Beams