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632.8 nm 1000:1 0.5 mW 0.48 mm
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632.8 nm 1000:1 1.0 mW 0.54 mm


Frequency Stabilized Mode

Frequency stability for long path difference interferometry, metrology, holography, spectroscopy and frequency marking. The short-term frequency stability of the laser makes it an excellent choice for interferometers with unequal arms. With the coherence length on the order of 100 m, the helium neon (HeNe) laser is ideal for large depth-of-field applications in holography and metrology. Frequency stability further enhances coherence length for critical measurements or exposures.

Intensity Stabilized Mode

Intensity stability for surface texture characterization, velocimetry, scattering and polarization. The simple, one-button intensity lock ensures highly stable (less than 0.1% over short intervals) output power, ideal for applications where optical signal strength varies with changes in the test subject. Examples include surface scattering, profilometry, and single axis velocimetry.

Optimized Cavity Mirror Performance

Utilizing enhanced designs and superior optical components, the laser delivers unsurpassed operational stability and lifetimes. The mirror quality and performances are optimized to result in the highest quality HeNe lasers available in the market. This high-performance laser is supported by a one-year warranty.

HeNe Laser Advantages

HeNe Lasers use a mixture of Helium and Neon gas as the gain medium excited by an electrical discharge. Helium Neon gas lasers are based on a mature and well understood technology that offers a cost effective laser source with fundamental Gaussian beam quality, and ease of use. HeNe lasers offer a stable optical output over lifetimes greater than 20,000 hours and are insensitive to optical feedback.

HeNe Laser Mounting

ULM Series cylindrical laser mounts attach to 340-RC and 370-RC rod clamps and provide a convenient way to attach these HeNe lasers to Newport stages, tables, or breadboards. For N-STP series, please mount the laser at either end of the body indicated by shading.


  • Interferometry
  • Holography
  • Laser Doppler anemometry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Inspection systems
  • Medical imaging
  • Flow cytometry