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Mounting Kit, Flat Panel Monitor & Keyboard, Vision Isostation
3 Weeks
3 Weeks
Mounting Arm, Flat Panel Monitor, Vision Isostation
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Keyboard Mounting Shelf, Vision Isostation
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In Stock
Computer Shelf, Vision Isostation, 24 in.
Computer Shelf, Vision Isostation, 30 in.
3 Weeks
3 Weeks
Computer Shelf, Vision Isostation, 36 in.
Cable Management System, Foam Grip
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Cable Management System

The CMS Cable Management System secures cabling in a foam grip and can mount to the breadboard or frame. When used with a proper service loop in the cable, most cable induced vibration noise can be avoided. Poor cable management is the primary problem in many vibration isolation systems. Cables brought to the isolated work surface can short the floating platform to ground and introduce high levels of vibration.

VIS-SCS Accessory Platforms

VIS-SCS accessory platforms attach to the side of Vision Isostation and are great choices for mounting accessories such as desktop PC and small instruments.

VIS-KBFP Monitor & Keyboard Mounts

VIS-KBFP monitor and keyboard mounts include a frame mounting bracket, a sliding bracket that mounts to the hip guard and articulated arms for easy and versatile mounting of your monitor and keyboards.

Versatile Mounting Configurations

Monitor mounting arm VIS-FPA and keyboard mounting arm VIS-KBA could also be purchased separately. Get creative with how you mount these - one arm could be mounted on the corner bracket while the other mounts to the frame.