Piezo Nanopositioning Actuator Selection Guide

Piezo Nanopositioning Actuators provide the ability to upgrade and motorize optical mounts or manual positioners for nanometer scale remote and computer control. Our exclusive design and innovative piezo-based technology allow a range of motion and stability that ensures minimal to no backlash. As stand-alone units, these motorized actuators can be used in applications such as alignment, read head production, optical inserters, adaptive optics and many others.

Most of our piezo actuators are also available in V6 or UHV vacuum versions as standard products.

This guide summarizes Newport's offering of piezo linear, stack and rotary actuators and piezoelectric micrometer adapters.

Piezo Linear Actuator

Our Picomotor™ linear actuators are designed for motorizing fine-positioning optical mounts and positioners when the smallest step sizes, exceptional precision and set-and-forget stability are required. When higher speeds or load capacities are needed, but still at nanometer scale step sizes, our NanoPZ linear actuator is ideal.

Piezo Stack Actuator

Piezo stack actuators are equipped with a highly reliable, multi-layer, low-voltage, piezoelectric transducer stack. They are internally pre-loaded by a mechanical spring and feature high resonant frequencies, making them ideal for high load, dynamic nanopositioning applications.

Piezo Rotary Actuator

Our Picomotor™ rotary actuators provide high precision nanometer scale rotary positioning without linear translation. They are ideal for rotating small optical components or mechanical devices from remote locations.

Piezoelectric Micrometer Adapter

Newport also offers piezo fine adjustment drive adapters that provide nanometer scale, automated positioning capability for manual micrometers and adjustment screws. The adapter mounts to the actuator seat on the stage and is mechanically compatible with all Newport manual positioners, mounts and actuators.