• Travel Range
    12.5 mm
  • Minimum Incremental Motion
    30 nm
  • Maximum Speed
    0.2 mm/s
  • Axial Load Capacity
    50 N
  • Limit Switches
    Fixed, jam-proof hard limits
  • Cable Length
    3 m
  • Weight
    0.13 kg
  • Motor
    Non-resonant piezo micro-stepping


Motorize Your Existing Manual Stages

The NanoPZ is compatible with a wide array of Newport manual stages including GON Series goniometers, and ULTRAlign™ Series of linear stages.

561D-XYZ ULTRAlign™ precision linear stage equipped with PZA12 actuators.

Motorize an Optical Mount

The NanoPZ is compatible with ULTIMA® Series optical mounts.

PZC200 Motion Controller

The PZC200 controller and driver provides convenient and ergonomic one hand speed control for a single NanoPZ actuator. When used with the PZC-SB switchbox, a single PZC200 controller can be used to control up to 8 NanoPZ actuators.

PZC-SB Controller Switchbox

The PZC-SB switchbox allows control of up to 8 NanoPZ actuators from the same PZC200 controller.

Ultra-High Linear Resolution

The NanoPZ's innovative piezo micro stepping motor ensures 30 nm incremental motion capabilities with no loss of position when power is removed.

High Load Capacity

With a significant load capacity of 50 N, the NanoPZ is an ideal solution for motorizing a wide variety stages, mounts, and custom systems.

High Speed

The NanoPZ actuator's maximum speed of 0.2 mm/sec allows you to make quick adjustments.

Non-Rotating Tip

The NanoPZ features a non-rotating tip which prevents contact surface wear and allows for direct load attachments.