Selection Guide:
All Steel Construction Linear Stages

Newport motion is a world leading provider of motion systems with purpose driven material design. When applications require linear translation stages with high flatness and straightness, excellent thermal stability and minimal deformation under load, Newport turns to steel. Newport's all-steel construction stages offer advantages unmatched by competing designs that use a combination of steel and aluminum. Newport Steel Stages minimize thermally induced positioning errors endemic to bi-metallic construction. With excellent load capacities and minimal deformation under load, Newport steel stages can move large payloads without loss to positioning performance.

Steel vs. Aluminum

  • Thermal Stability of 10 ppm/°C vs. 24 ppm/°C
  • Young's Modulus of 200 GPa vs. 69 GPa
  • Thermally matched all-steel construction

Steel Linear Stages Title

Stage Specification Details

FMS Series Metrology Stages
FMS Metrology Stages
MTN Series Motorized Linear Stages
Mid-Travel, Steel MTN Motorized Linear Stages
UTS Series Motorized Linear Stages
Mid-Travel, Steel, UTS Motorized Linear Stages
MFA Series Motorized Linear Stages
Miniature, MFA Motorized Linear Stages
AG-LS25 Motorized Linear Stage
AG-LS25 Agilis Piezo Motor Linear Stages
AG-LS25-27 Motorized Linear Stage
AG-LS25-27 Agilis Piezo Motor Linear Stages
Travel Range (mm) 100-300 100-300 50-150 25 12 27
MIM (μm) 0.1-0.5 0.1-0.6 0.3 0.1 0.05 0.1
Accuracy Guaranteed (μm) ±0.5-±6.5 ±2.5-±3.0 ±2.25-±4.0 ±3.0 100 250
Bi-Directional Repeatability Guaranteed (μm) ±0.25-±2.25 ±1.5-±2.75 ±1.75-±3.0 ±0.75-±1.0 no info no info
Normal Load capacity (N) 150 1000 100-200 25-50 3 3.5
Max speed (mm/s) 20-100 20-100 10-40 0.3-2.5 0.5 0.5
Pitch Guaranteed (μrad) ±40-±60 ±20-±60 ±37-±60 ±100 200 200
Yaw Guaranteed (μrad) ±10-±20 ±17-±53 ±25-±45 ±50 200 200

Newport steel stages are an excellent option for applications that include: surface metrology, inspection systems, bio-medical applications, laser systems, vacuum applications and many more. Newport steel stages can be integrated in custom motion systems, or provided with application specific modifications. Learn more about Newport's custom motion capabilities and solutions. Contact us or call 877-835-9620 to discuss your specific steel stage application needs.