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Ytterbium Doped Fiber, Double Clad, Singlemode, 1060-1100 nm, Corning
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Single Mode Ytterbium Doped Fiber

SM Ytterbium Doped Fiber (F-DF1100) is a Ytterbium doped Single-Mode (SM) fiber with a high doping level designed for low power fiber lasers and Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) light sources. F-DF1100 is designed for core pumping around 915nm or 980nm. The high absorption rate allows short gain lengths to be used for femtosecond mode-locking ring lasers or for pre-amplifiers. The emission spectrum of the fiber may be tuned by changing the length of the fiber, emission from 1030nm through to 1100nm can be achieved with F-DF1100.

Dual-Clad, Single Mode Ytterbium Doped Fiber

F-YDC-1100-8/230 ytterbium doped double clad fiber provides high slope efficiency, high-adhesion low index polymer outer cladding and superior humidity performance. These are ideal for use in moderate power fibers lasers, such as those typically used in laser marking applications. The F-YDC-1100-C double cladding Ytterbium doped single mode fiber is manufactured with Corning's outside vapor deposition process which offers superb consistency. They also have all glass cladding, high reliability, low background loss, high slope efficiency and high numerical aperture.


  • Fiber Lasers
  • Femtosecond Lasers
  • Ring Lasers
  • ASE Light Source

Volume Discount

The following volume discount schedule is automatically applied when ordering continuous lengths of bare optical fiber ≥10 m:

  • 10 - 49 m: 15%
  • 50 - 99 m: 22%
  • 100 - 499 m: 25%
  • ≥ 500 m: 28%

Discount applicable to continuous length of fiber only.