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Erbium Doped 5.5 - 6.3 @1550 nm µm
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Erbium Doped 4.9 - 6.3 @1550 nm µm
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Erbium Doped 5.9 µm
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Erbium Doped 3.8 - 4.7 @1550 nm µm
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Erbium Doped 5.2 - 5.8 @1550 nm µm
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Fibercore’s IsoGain™

Fibercore’s IsoGain range of Erbium Doped Fibers (EDFs) offer a wide selection of absorption and cut-off wavelengths to allow the best choice of fiber for each type of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) design. The core composition of IsoGain has been engineered to generate a substantially flattened wavelength response that closely matches that of other leading fiber types. All model numbers with "F-I" in them are among the IsoGain family as well as F-EDF-2.

Low Absorption Fiber Available

Fibercore’s low absorption fibers offer best-in-class efficiency for C-band amplifiers whilst higher absorption fibers are optimized for L-band EDFAs. High cut-off wavelength (HC) fibers have larger core diameters, reducing non-linear effects and increasing efficiency at higher pump powers.

Fibercore’s MetroGain™

Fibercore’s MetroGain range is designed for high efficiency ‘Metro-style’ Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) configurations, single stage amplifiers, Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) light sources and single channel or few channel EDFAs. All model numbers with "F-M" in them are among the MetroGain family as well as F-EDF and F-EDF-5.

EDF-Tx Erbium Doped Fibers

The EDF-T3 C-band erbium doped fiber provides low splice loss, high strength enhanced overlap integrals and pumping at 980nm and 1480 nm. The EDF-T6 is optimized for use in L-Band EDFAs and provides high erbium peak absorption levels and low background loss. The EDF-Tx family features low background loss and excellent uniformity.

High Gain Efficiencies

These erbium doped fibers deliver gain efficiencies in excess of 3.5 dB/mW when pumped with a 980nm laser diode.

Volume Discount

The following volume discount schedule is automatically applied when ordering continuous lengths of bare optical fiber ≥10 m:

  • 10 - 49 m: 15%
  • 50 - 99 m: 22%
  • 100 - 499 m: 25%
  • ≥ 500 m: 28%

Discount applicable to continuous length of fiber only.


  • C- and L-Band EDFAs
  • Metro EDFAs
  • EDFAs for Broadband Optical Networks
  • EDFAs for CATV Applications
  • ASE Light Sources
  • Fiber Lasers
  • Biomedical Illumination
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)