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newstep miniature linear stepper motor actuator model nsa12
Motorized Linear Actuator, 11 mm Travel, Micro Step Drive
Motorized Linear Actuator, 11 mm Travel, Vacuum Compatible



Ideal for Mirror Mounts

With 11mm of travel and compact size, the NSA12 can be used to easily motorize manual positioning stages. For a complete list of compatible manual stages see Stage to Actuator Selection Guide.

Ultima mirror mount with NSA12 actuators.

Vacuum Compatible Stepper Motor Versions

The NSA12V6 is the vacuum compatible stepper model specifically designed for vacuum applications up to10-6 hPa.

NSA12V6 - Vacuum compatible up to 10-6 hPa

Compact Build

At 60 mm length by 30 mm diameter, the NSA12 is the smallest actuator on the catalog. It is great for small, confined spaces.

Non-rotating Tip

NSA actuators feature a non-rotating tip that prevents wear and avoids periodic motion variations during movement. Better positioning repeatability and eliminates tip wear.