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Universal Base, Freely Rotating Disk, Eccentric Clearance Slot
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Unprecedented Positioning Flexibility

A freely rotating disk insert in our BUP-2 universal base has an eccentric clearance slot for 1/4-20 or M6 tie-down bolts. The mounting slot permits 0.707 in. of translation which covers at least half the diagonal distance between mounting holes on our optical tables and breadboards. This allows for a component mounting anywhere and at any orientation when using this patented universal mounting base.

Universal Base holding U100-A Optical Mount on SP-3 Post in VPH-3 Post Holder.

Indexing Spheres for Component Relocation

Three hardened locating spheres are located on two sides of the BUP-2 to serve as index points for table or breadboard mounted components. These indexing spheres make it easy for precise component relocation.

Closely Space Components

The unique design and compact shape of the BUP-2 base permits close component spacing, while providing stable mounting for even the most critical laboratory applications.