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Picomotor Driver Module, Single-Axis, TTL/Analog
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Picomotor Driver, Single-Axis, PCB-Mountable
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Integrated PCB for Easy System Integration

The model 8703 TTL/Analog Driver module incorporates the model 8712 PCB-Mountable Driver module with a printed circuit board for quick and easy integration into your system. It is available with a choice of 4 industry-standard analog and digital motion-control interfaces, step/direction, quadrature, ±10V linear, or bang-bang voltage control interfaces.

Interfaces with TTL or Analog Signals

The Single-Axis Picomotor Driver modules are designed to easily interface with analog voltage signals for linear or bang-bang voltage control as well as digital TTL signals for step/direction or quadrature control.

Ideal for OEM and Laboratory Applications

These driver modules are simple to integrate and are designed to be directly built into your device, instrument, or laboratory setup.