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Motorized Rotation Stage, High Speed, Low Profile
Motorized Rotation Stage, High Speed, High Accuracy, Low Profile



Low Profile

The RGA’s low profile enables the lowest possible position of the wafer relative to the XY which reduces the effect of geometrical errors from the XY and also from the RGA. This eventually improves accuracy and repeatability at the wafer level, providing better confidence in the measurements or of the process. With more accurate placement of the wafer, this reduces the need to correct for these geometric errors, implying a reduction in process times.

Large Aperture

The RGA’s large aperture allows more utilities to through the stage and connected to the wafer chuck. More vacuum zones can be designed, ensuring a flatter wafer. Secondly, with more room, this minimizes the strain or drag from the hoses, cables which increases reliability and reduces the torque/power required to accelerate. For through hole applications, this simply means larger samples can be inspected or processed.

High Torque Motor

The high torque, direct drive motor enables high accelerations for fast positioning or alignment of the wafer. High torque can overcome the friction introduced by the hoses and cable. A non-contact motor means no wear of the motor components, ensuring reliable operations for years.

Fast Speed and Acceleration

Fast rotation and high acceleration enables faster completion of the process, whether this is patterning, testing, inspection or repair of the wafer. The response and settling times are also optimized with the structural design of the RGA. All these enable faster throughputs.

Metrology Report Included at No Additional Cost

Newport guarantees specification values which are measured and recorded following ASME B5.57 and ISO 230-2 standards. The typical performance values are two times better than the guaranteed specifications.

Mapped Version with Guaranteed Higher Accuracy

For critical positioning applications, we offer the mapped verision RGA150MAP. We measure, implement, and verify the results of the error map and individually optimize each stage's position accuracy. A certificate of calibration will be provided with your stage. Measurements are made at 20.0 ±0.2 °C. A certificate of calibration will be provided with your stage. Actual data may also be provided upon request.

Plug and Play ESP Motion Controller Compatible

The RGA series is an ESP compatible stage. When connected to a Newport controller, it is quickly recognized and its operating parameters are configured without the need for user input, facilitating the startup and usability of the stage. This Plug and Play feature is not only transparent to the use, but it also ensures the safe operation of the stage.

RGA150 Load Characteristics

Compatible Controllers

Compatible motion controllers for RGA stage are: