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OptiSet Optics Set, NIR Laser Diode Applications
OptiSet Optics Set, High-Energy Laser Applications
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Logical and Organized Layout

Optics are easy to find, organized in rows of trays with part numbers labeled on the trays as well as the optics. The trays are lined with dense foam inserts designed to hold optics on edge, leaving delicate optical surfaces free from contact. Each tray can be easily removed from the case and carried about the lab. Extra storage locations are also provided, so new optics can be added.

Edge Marked Optics For Easy Identification

Confusion in identifying optical components is eliminated with edge marked part numbers on every lens or mirror in the OptiSet. All edge markings are impervious to standard optical cleaning solutions.

Sets for VIS, NIR and IR Spectral Regions

Our broad range of precision optical components makes it possible to offer four standard OptiSet kits covering visible laser applications, NIR and IR laser diode applications, and a special High-Energy optics version. Specifications for all the optics in an OptiSet kit can be found on the product's web page on the Newport website.

Sets for Researchers, Engineers & Educators

The diversity of optical components, convenient organization, and simple portability can benefit a variety of users. Researchers will appreciate the quality of optical components provided. Engineers will appreciate the speed with which prototypes can be constructed. Educators will find it easy to outfit student labs or build classroom demonstrations with quality optics providing years of utility.