6 Kits Offer Varied Selections of Posts, Bases & Mounts

The most well rounded set of optomechanical parts offered in this series is Model OM-PK, with over 30 components and a variety of different style and sized mirror mounts and posts. Models MP-PK, PED-PK and PT-PK offer expansive sets of pedestal mounting posts and clamps. The Model NF-PK set provides a 15-part collection of New Focus optical mounts and compatible bases. Each of these kits is also available in a metric version. For just a sampling of optical mounts, Model MM-PK features 11 different mirror mounts for standard 1-in. (25.4-mm) diameter optics.

Neatly Store the Set in Included 9-Drawer Cabinet

The large, 9-drawer cabinet and labels accompanying this set offer any optics lab an organized stock of optomechanical components for a variety of needs.