Optics Application Portals

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Selecting the proper optic for any application is a challenge. Newport has come up with a novel approach to assist with your optics selection process. We've created application portals that provide recommended part numbers and families for your particular application. Each portal also contains useful information that pertain to your specific application such as web links to application notes, white papers, web converters, online databases, and technical notes. Please check back frequently to see what new application portals have been created.

Be sure to see our recent white paper written specifically to assist with specifying ultrafast optics.


Need value priced components? Find popular optics, mechanics and breadboards here.


Working at a frequency of 0.1 to 10 terahertz? Look here for information on optics used for terahertz spectroscopy, probing crystalline structures, and detecting explosives.


Femtoseconds or picoseconds pulses are common place for ultrashort applications. Select the proper optics for your ultrafast application.

FemtoOptics collage

Select from specially designed and high performance optics specifically made for femtosecond ultrafast laser applications.


HeNe lasers are typically used for educational purposes or research applications where low power and stable, visible coherent light is needed.


Working in EUV, DUV, VUV or UV? Check out our portal for UV optics, specifically highlighting Excimer and Nd:YAG Harmonic wavelengths.


Custom or OEM requirements? We offer advanced optics component technologies to OEM customers in markets like semiconductor equipment, biomedical instruments, industrial and defense.