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Mounting Plate, Cornerstone 130B Monochromator
Mounting Kit, Cornerstone 130B Monochromator to Research Lamp Housing
Mounting Kit, Cornerstone 260 Monochromator to Research Lamp Housing
Mounting Kit, Cornerstone 260B Monochromator to Research Lamp Housing
Mounting Plate, Cornerstone 260 Monochromator or MS260i Spectrograph
Mounting Plate, Cornerstone 260B Monochromator
Mounting Kit, 77250 and 77250B Monochromators, Imperial
Mounting Plate, MS257 Monochromator and Spectrograph
Mounting Kit, APEX2 Illuminator to CS130B Monochromator
Mounting Kit, APEX2 Illuminator to CS260 Monochromator
Mounting Kit, APEX2 Illuminator to MS257 Monochromator


Secure Instruments to Optical Tables

Oriel monochromators and spectrographs include threaded holes in the base of each instrument, allowing them to be secured to a mounting plate or to be rod mounted. The use of a mounting plate offers the greatest security in ensuring the instrument does not move out of place. Easily maintain a level orientation for your instrument, even with larger models such as the MS257 monochromator and imaging spectrograph. Mounting hardware slots are present on each baseplate that line up with the hole pattern on the optical table.

Conveniently Attach Light Sources

Mounting kits feature a larger area than the mounting plates to allow securing of a light source to the same base plate as the monochromator or spectrograph. These kits are compatible with Oriel Research Lamp Housings using 50 to 250 watt lamps. They include the base plate, a flexible light shield, a 1.5-in. diameter focusing lens and lens holder. All the hardware required to mount the lamp housing and instrument to the base plate is provided. Four adjustable leveling feet are included and may be used as an alternative to direct table mounting for easier portability.

Available for Popular Oriel Monochromators and Spectrographs

Mounting accessories are available for all Oriel monochromators and spectrographs, with the exception of the MS125 spectrograph. This model is small and lightweight, allowing it to be easily rod mounted.