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Variable Attenuator, Mai Tai Lasers, Metric
Variable Attenuator, Tsunami, Metric
Variable Attenuator, Mai Tai Lasers
Variable Attenuator, Tsunami


Half Waveplate & Polarizer Combination Design

The Newport Variable Attenuator Kit is based on a half waveplate and polarizer combination. Users are able to adjust the transmitted power simply by adjusting the rotation angle of the half wave plate with respect to the polarizer axis. The MVA kit is suitable for attenuation of a linearly polarized laser beam with a wavelength in the 690-1040 nm range and with an average power of up to 100 Watts. The kit also includes two routing mirrors and mounts as well as a beam dump to safely terminate the rejected power from the polarizer.

Mai Tai® and Tsunami® Laser Compatible Versions

The MVA kit is offered in Mai Tai® and Tsunami® Laser compatible versions as well as Metric and English versions. A detailed explanation of this kit, how the setup works, and alignment procedures can be found in our Variable Attenuator for Lasers application note. The MVA kits have been prepared based on development activities and experiments conducted in Newport’s Technology and Applications Center and the results associated therewith. Actual results may vary based on laboratory environment, setup conditions and the type and condition of actual components and instruments used and user skills.


Applications for this variable attenuator kit include:

Please see our Variable Attenuator for Lasers application note for more information.