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Supercontinuum Generation Kit, Metric
Supercontinuum Generation Kit, SCG-800 Fiber Module, ULTRAlign Positioners
3 Weeks
3 Weeks


Based on SCG-800 Supercontinuum Device

The Newport Supercontinuum kit leverages the powerful combination of Newport’s SCG-800 Supercontinuum Fiber Module and high stability ULTRAlign™ manual positioners. The SCG-800 Supercontinuum Fiber Module is a polarization-maintaining supercontinuum device for use with 800-nm range femtosecond lasers. It contains a highly nonlinear, polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiber with a zero dispersion wavelength of 750 nm. The fiber ends are sealed and mounted in quartz ferrules, and the polarization axis is aligned to a line on the device. The nonlinear fiber is mounted in a robust aluminum housing, which is then securely mounted onto an ULTRAlign™ translation stage. The SCG-800 features built-in beam expansion at the end facets, facilitating easy coupling and a high damage threshold.

Compatible with Tsunami® or Mai Tai® Ti:Sapphire Lasers

The kit includes a Faraday isolator, two steering mirrors, and a half waveplate and polarizer combination for variable attenuation of the incident pump laser power. Considerable thought was put into the design of this kit to eliminate issues such as optical feedback to the laser and to maximize the stability of the laser beam in order to stay aligned to the small 1.6-micron fiber core inside the SCG-800 module. All of the optics and mounts in this kit have been certified by our Ph.D. scientists in the Newport Technology and Applications Center to work together and to be compatible with the Spectra-Physics Tsunami® or MaiTai® Ti:Sapphire lasers. This kit allows the user to assemble the pre-selected and certified off-the-shelf components and put them together for a cost-effective supercontinuum solution. For more details, please see our Supercontinuum Generation in SCG-800 Photonic Crystal Fiber application note.


Applications include:

  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilization
  • Optical Coherence Tomography, Metrology
  • CARS Microscopy

Please see Supercontinuum Generation in SCG-800 Photonic Crystal Fiber application note for additional information.