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TO-can laser mount model ldm-4405
Laser Diode Mount, 3 & 4-pin TO-Can, Temp Controlled
In Stock
In Stock


  • Package Type
    3-pin & 4-pin TO-Can
  • Maximum Current
    500 mA
  • TE Cooler
    3.9 A, 3.7 V maximum
  • Temperature Range
    10 to 85°C
  • Temperature Sensor
    10 kΩ NTC Thermistor
  • Laser Driver Connector Type
    DB9 Female
  • TEC Controller Connector Type
    DB9 Male
  • Dimensions
    57.2 x 50.8 x 40.6 mm


For use with 3-pin or 4-pin TO-Can Laser Diodes

Through the use of the rear panel switches, the LDM-4405 can be adjusted to match most 3-pin and 4-pin TO-Can laser diode configurations, with the socket pin configuration shown on the right.  The LD and PD sockets can be toggled to either anode and cathode position, with a two common pin sockets in-between.  Please contact our Newport sales team for any questions you may have on laser diode compatibility, or choose between our selection of TO-Can diodes on

Universal Optical Post Mounting

The fixture is compatible with both imperial and metric optical table post mounts. The compact profile of the LDM-4405 provides for convenient mounting on an optics table and the unobstructed access to the laser window allows space for aligning collimating optics.

Model LDM-4405 (Mounting Base and Post/Post Holder not included)

Compatible with ILX Lightwave Laser Diode Instrumentation

Standard interconnect cables allow for quickly setting up the LDM-4405 with any ILX Lightwave current source or temperature controller. All connections including electrical and nitrogen purge are conveniently located on the back of the LDM-4405. Two switches allow the user to quickly configure the LDM-4405 for most TO-Can pin outs.

Affordable, Convenient Control of TO-Can Laser Diodes

When the LDM-4405 TO-Can Mount is paired with the LDX-3412-120V Laser Diode Driver and LDT-5416 Temperature Controller, it provides an affordable test setup for precision current and temperature control of TO-Can laser diodes. The LDM-4405 cover plate provides convenient clamping of TO-Can laser diodes to the cold plate by integrated O-ring and captive screws.

Nitrogen Purge

A nitrogen purge system is incorporated to keep the laser free from condensation when operated in a humid environment.