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Cable, Flat for ILS-LM, 300mm travel
Cable, Flat for ILS-LM, 300mm XY travel
Cable Chain, for ILS-LM, 300 mm Travel
cable chain for ils-lm motorized stage model ILS300LM-CHXY
Cable Chain, for ILS-LM, 300 mm XY travel
Cable Chain Kit, IMS Stage, Single Axis
Cable Chain Kit, IMS Extended Travel Stages, Single Axis
Cable Chain Kit, MLT200 and MLT250
Cable Chain Kit, MLT25, MLT50 and MLT100


Prevents Cables from Affecting Performance

By properly supporting the weight of cables without sagging or stress, cable management solutions prevent the negative effect of cables pulling on the stage carriage.

Optimizes Workspace

By placing cables into a limited, controlled area, access to the critical parts of a system is maximized. In particular, the flat cable carrier designed exclusively for the ILS300LM high-performance, 300-mm travel, linear motor stage offers a lower height and allows mounting of loads flushed to the top surface of the stage. Additionally, properly housed cables are not susceptible to getting caught in the moving parts of the system.

Facilitates Maintenance

Cable management solutions route cables efficiently while protecting them, avoid tangling, and provide easier tracing of cable paths when performing maintenance on the system or troubleshooting.

Versatile Cable Chains

Cable chains enable routing of cables to the stationary base of the stage and are typically more economic than flat cable carriers. Furthermore, the length of a chain's cable tracks can be adjusted according to the travel range.