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Laser Machining Software, LITE
Laser Machining Software, LITE, with PCB Module
Laser Machining Software, LITE, with 3D Module
Laser Machining Software, LITE, with 3D & PCB Modules
Laser Machining Software, PRO, 3D & PCB Modules and Machine Vison PRO


Compatible Controller

The XPS-D Universal High-Performance Motion Controller is capable of controlling a variety of motor types and executing complex motion through a high-speed Ethernet TCP/IP interface. It features a user friendly interface and API's and provides extensive analog and digital I/Os for integrating external devices. The XPS-D can control up to 8 axes of motion in a single enclosure.

Laser Machining Software PRO Version

The most advanced tool to create laser machining designs and control laser machines. Be it semiconductor production, mold texturing, or additive manufacturing – it has the flexibility to control most laser machining applications.

  • Unlimited number of axes
  • Galvo + Stages stitching and IFOV
  • Complex 3D process and automation tools

Laser Machining Software LITE Version

Includes essential features for laser machining process design and machine control.

  • Up to 3 axes control
  • 2D file import and design
  • Simple process control tools

3D Module Option

Option for LMS LITE. An addition for 3D files (STL, STP, IGES) import and preparation for laser 3D printing and/or deep laser engraving. It includes model fixing and support generation tools for 3D printing (included with LMS PRO).

PCB Module Option

Option for LMS LITE. Adds Gerber and NC Drill / Excellon file support for PCB laser etching, drilling and cutting control. All the processes can be combined and controlled in LMS with minimal operator intrusion (included with LMS PRO).

Machine Vision PRO Option

Integrates machine vision functionality for LMS. It supports industrial cameras (IDS, AVT, Basler, Mightex, PointGrey and similar) and adds focus finding, view stitching functionalities as well as manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic sample alignment. It also unlocks calibration tools that use a camera for data collection. (Option for LMS-LITE & LMS-PRO)

Machine Vision LITE Option

Integrates camera view into LMS. It supports industrial cameras (IDS, AVT, Basler, Mightex, PointGrey and similar) and adds focus finding functionality as well as manual sample alignment. (Option for LMS-LITE & LMS-PRO)

Laser Additive Manufacturing

LMS software is a great tool to prepare and control laser additive manufacturing/3D printing processes like SLS, SLM, SLA and others.
• Use multiple STL models for single process
• Fast STL slicing and hatching
• Repair faulty STL models
• Various hatching modes
• Control of the process

PCB Laser

Gerber and NC Drill files can be imported to LMS laser machining software and prepared for machining in a single window.
• PCB laser etching
• PCB laser drilling
• PCB laser cutting
Process can be implemented with both, galvo scanners and linear stages for greater speed. Machine Vision is used to realign after flipping or board replacement.

Laser Engraving

• Import DXF and STL files or design using built-in tools. Use designs for 3D and deep laser engraving.
• Integrated Machine Vision allows manual or automatic alignment of sample for precise positioning.
• LMS controls both galvo scanners and positioning stages, optimized for large field and high accuracy.

Laser Drilling

• Import NC Drill and DXF files or user-add holes. Complex hole patterns can be created using Recipe Flow tools.
• Laser and motion parameters are controlled at the single window interface.
• Stitching tools enables use of galvo scanners for drilling and linear stage translation between vias – each via or group of vias can be centered in the galvo scanner field automatically. This way, speed, size and accuracy of the process can be maximized.
• Alignment with cameras and machine vision is available as an option.