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Laser Machining Software, Basic
Laser Machining Software, Professional, with 3D and PCB Module



• Complex laser machining recipes can be created and automated with LMS software.
• Galvo scanners and positioning stages are controlled automatically, using Stitching function. Objects are split to smaller parts to fit in galvo field or centered in it.
• All the actions in the machining recipe are controlled by parameters and variables. Loops can be created for repetitive patterns.
• Recipe or parts of it can be triggered by digital inputs.
• Machining trajectories can be adjusted automatically to compensate for sample tilting or flatness using camera autofocus or different sensors.
• All in a single interface and requires no special programming knowledge.

Machine Vision and Alignment

• Seamlessly integrates machine vision for laser machining processes including simulation and setup.
• Several cameras can be calibrated to precisely match position and scale of stages and scanners.
• Autofocus allows precise surface detection down to sub-micron, depending on optics.
• Automatic and manual alignment procedures compensate sample misplacement or rotation.

Hardware Control

• Single-window control of hardware directly using .dll libraries, no need for G-Code.
• LMS controls positioning stages, galvo scanners, laser sources, sensors and power meters, and many other devices can be controlled via digital or analog I/O and serial port.
• Support for additional hardware or writing plug-ins.

CAD Import and Design

• Import CAD files (DXF, DWG, STL, Gerber, NC Drill, etc.) or design using built-in tools.
• All shapes can be hatched with advanced LMS hatching algorithms, enabling fast and uniform fill.
• Objects are parametrized, for precise control and easy editing, or described using math functions

Compatible Controller

The XPS-D Universal High-Performance Motion Controller is capable of controlling a variety of motor types and executing complex motion through a high-speed Ethernet TCP/IP interface. It features a user friendly interface and API's and provides extensive analog and digital I/Os for integrating external devices. The XPS-D can control up to 8 axes of motion in a single enclosure.

Laser Machining Software Applications

Laser Additive Manufacturing

LMS software is a great tool to prepare and control laser additive manufacturing/3D printing processes like SLS, SLM, SLA and others.
• Use multiple STL models for single process
• Fast STL slicing and hatching
• Repair faulty STL models
• Various hatching modes
• Control of the process

PCB Laser

Gerber and NC Drill files can be imported to LMS laser machining software and prepared for machining in a single window.
• PCB laser etching
• PCB laser drilling
• PCB laser cutting
Process can be implemented with both, galvo scanners and linear stages for greater speed. Machine Vision is used to realign after flipping or board replacement.

Laser Engraving

• Import DXF and STL files or design using built-in tools. Use designs for 3D and deep laser engraving.
• Integrated Machine Vision allows manual or automatic alignment of sample for precise positioning.
• LMS controls both galvo scanners and positioning stages, optimized for large field and high accuracy.

Laser Drilling

• Import NC Drill and DXF files or user-add holes. Complex hole patterns can be created using Recipe Flow tools.
• Laser and motion parameters are controlled at the single window interface.
• Stitching tools enables use of galvo scanners for drilling and linear stage translation between vias – each via or group of vias can be centered in the galvo scanner field automatically. This way, speed, size and accuracy of the process can be maximized.
• Alignment with cameras and machine vision is available as an option.