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Edge Grip Filter Wheel, Eight Position, Includes Guard, 1.0 in.
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Obstruction Free Optical Filter Mounting

Our patent-pending Edge Grip™ mounting mechanism clamps only the lower part the optical filter leaving the edges of the filter unobstructed. This enables an eight position 1.0 inch filter wheel to fit in the envelope of a six position wheel.

Add and Remove Optical Filters With Ease

Our Edge Grip™ mounting mechanism uses a thumbscrew to secure the optical filter. No tools are required. Up to 4 mm thick optical filters can be secured in the filter wheel.

Filter Wheel with Guard Option

The FWH1G has a filter guard incorporated into the design which protects the filters from damage. The filter guard is removable.

Universal Optical Post Mounting

Our edge grip optical filter wheels have both 8-32 & M4 threaded mounting holes. This allows mounting the same filter wheel to either metric or imperial optical posts or pedestals.