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to-can laser diode mount model ldm-4990
Laser Diode Mount, 3 & 4-pin TO-Can, Temp Controlled
2 Weeks
2 Weeks


  • Package Type
    3-pin & 4-pin TO-Can
  • Maximum Current
    4 A
  • TE Cooler
    4.0 A, 8.5 V maximum
  • Temperature Range
    -20 to 85 °C
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Laser Driver Connector Type
    DB9 Female
  • TEC Controller Connector Type
    DB9 Male
  • Heat Dissipation Capability
    0.5 W
  • Dimensions
    121 x 102 x 38 mm


Active Temperature Control

For fast accurate characterization over temperature of your TO-Can devices, the LDM-4990 comes with an integrated TEC module with water cooling channels for a control range of -20 to 85 °C. The design minimizes the thermal path between the laser and the TE modules and locates the sensor close to the laser for optimal control. A nitrogen purge system is incorporated to keep the laser frost-free at sub-zero C temperatures. Standard ILX Lightwave DB9 connectors are provided for compatibility with ILX Lightwave temperature controllers.

Integrated Power Measurement

Another unique feature of the LDM-4990 includes an optional mounting post compatible with ILX OMH power and wavelength heads. The measurement head attaches easily to the mounting fixture with one threaded fastener. Once the head is attached, simply rotate the head over the device under test and it will lock in place with spring loaded detent pins. Choose between a variety of measurement heads for short or long wavelength devices. For an LIV test system, the LDM-4990 along with ILX laser diode current sources, temperature controllers, and power and wavelength meters, can be configured in minutes.

Quick Device Insertion and Removal

The LDM-4990 incorporates a door mechanism for quick and effortless device insertion and removal without the need for any special tools. The door contains a unique device for quickly selecting, locating, and clamping different sized TO-Can packaged lasers.

Compatible With ILX Lightwave Laser Diode Instrumentation

These mounts are compatible with most ILX Lightwave current sources and temperature controllers with standard laser and temperature controller connectors designed into the fixture.

Ideal for Pre and Post Burn-in Characterization

The LDM-4990 has been optimized for pre and post burn-in characterization in manufacturing test applications with easy of device insertion and removal, a wide temperature control range and easy integration with ILX power and wavelength measurement instruments.