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Hand Controller, Cornerstone Monochromators and MS260i Spectrographs
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Cable, Filter Wheel to CS130B, CS260 and MS260i Spectroscopy Instruments
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Filter Wheel Cable, for MS257 Monochromator and Imaging Spectrograph
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Hand controllers with simple, intuitive interfaces

The 74009 and 77709 Hand Controllers are designed specifically for use with the Oriel CS130B, CS260, MS260i, and MS257 series monochromators and spectrographs. It is very easy to set up – simply plug it into the instrument and it’s ready to go. There is no need to memorize commands or key sequences as the keys are clearly labeled with functions like "Shutter", "Go Wave" and "Filter". The display provides information on the grating selection, grating line density, active filter position, current wavelength, and shutter status. Using the Hand Controller is intuitive and provides access to nearly all the functionality of the monochromators and spectrographs. It comes with a 14 foot [4.3 meter] long cable.

Filter Wheel Cables for Monochromators and Imaging Spectrographs

The CBL-CSMS-FW and CBL-MS257-FW are ribbon cables used to connect a filter wheel to Oriel® monochromators and imaging spectrographs. These cables are required to sync filter wheel changes during wavelength scans of the monochromator or spectrograph. The CBL-CSMS-FW ribbon cable is compatible with the CS130B and CS260 monochromators, MS260i imaging spectrograph, and model USFW-100 filter wheel. The CBL-MS257-FW ribbon cable is compatible with the MS257 monochromator and imaging spectrograph, and filter wheel models 77737 and USFW-100.

Convenient RS232 to GPIB converter

The 77793 IEEE-488 External Interface allows any instrument equipped with an RS232 port to interface with a GPIB board installed in the controlling computer. The CS130B monochromator is equipped with both an RS232 and USB 2.0 port. This External Interface is required when it is desired to communicate with the instrument via GPIB.