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Amplified Photodetector, Biased, AC coupled, 500-900nm, GaAs, 10 GHz, FC/UPC [Discontinued]



GaAs Fiber-Optic Receiver

The 818-BB-45AF amplified photoreceiver consists of a 1-m long FC/UPC connectorized singlemode fiber coupled to a 500 to 890 nm GaAs high speed detector with a <35-ps rise time. It is an excellent solution for viewing rapid modulation of low-power CW lasers or other light sources in the µW regime. 

Extended InGaAs Fiber-Optic Receiver

The 818-BB-51AF amplified photoreceiver is built from an extended InGaAs photodiode with a 40-µm active diameter and a <35-ps rise time. The device is fiber pigtailed with an FC/UPC connector. With a wavelength range of 1475 to 2100 nm, it allows monitoring Thulium (Tm) and Holmium (Ho) doped lasers as well as other NIR lasers.

Measure Pulsewidth or Frequency Response

These high speed detectors make a great fiber-optic front end for a scope or spectrum analyzer. When terminated into 50Ω into an oscilloscope, the pulse width of a laser can be measured. When terminated into a spectrum analyzer, the frequency response of a laser can be measured.

Optical Post Mounting

An 8-32 threaded hole at the bottom of 818-BB biased photoreceivers allows for optical post mounting.

Handle With ESD Care

These detectors are very susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD). Please use ESD protective measures, like the FK-STRAP, when unpacking and handling these devices.