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Integrating Sphere, 4-Port, 4 in. Diameter, Barium Sulfate. 1.5 in. Port Plug Included
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Integrating Sphere, 4-Port, 6 in. Diameter, Barium Sulfate, 2.5 in. Port Plug Included
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Ideal Integrating Sphere for Collimated Beams

819C Series modular integrating sphere bodies feature four ports located at 0, 90 and 180 degrees, as well as at the north pole. The baffle is located between the 0- and the 90-degree ports. The 0-degree port is plugged with a port plug and the 180-degree port is used as the input. A fourth sphere port adds functionality to an integrating sphere but also diminishes the uniformity of the light distribution inside the sphere. We offer a wide variety of integrating sphere accessories that mount to the port frames, allowing the sphere to be customized for multiple applications.

819C Series Integrating Sphere Applications

The 819C series integrating sphere is ideal for applications that require use of the 180° port. A detector is typically mounted on the 90° port, while the source beam may enter the sphere through either the 0° or 180° port, depending on the application. Common applications include measuring total collimated laser beam power (including the collimated output of an optical fiber), measuring transmitted radiation from an irradiated sample and measuring reflected radiation from an irradiated sample. For more details about these applications, please see our Integrating Sphere Fundamentals and Applications tutorial.

Collimated Laser Beam Power Measurement

Cost Effective Barium Sulfate Sphere Coating

Our barium sulfate integrating sphere coating has an effective range from 300 nm to 2400 nm, with reflectivity greater than 97% at 600 nm. It is a cost effective and adequate for most radiation measurement applications. The unmatched environmental stability and high-performance of the Spectralon™ based spheres are derived from their rugged monolithic thermoplastic material and are superior to coated integrating spheres. In addition, their high damage threshold surface can be cleaned with distilled water. However, since the coating is water soluble, we recommend the PTFE based spheres for a high humidity environment.

Our integrating spheres are available with PTFE (spectralon), barium sulfate (spectraflect), and diffused gold sphere materials.

Selecting an integrating sphere size

Among the factors in selecting the size of an integrating sphere is the physical limitation of the measurement setup that will be used. Generally, as the sphere diameter grows, the “integration” property of the sphere improves, the port size can be larger and higher input power can be accommodated. However, with the increasing attenuation of the setup, the throughput will be decreased.

Integrating Sphere Accessories

Newport offers accessories that are compatible with our integrating spheres to build a complete integrating sphere system. Various adapters are available to change port frame diameter, reduce an input port's clear aperture, measure fiber optic power, connect lens tubes and mount sensors. Port plugs to block an unused sphere port are also available.