Laser Diode Technology


Low-power laser diodes come in a variety of packages. Most have a monitor photodiode integrated with the laser diode. Generally, laser diodes emit light from both ends of their cavity. By monitoring the rear facet output beam of the laser diode, one ...

ILX Lightwave


ILX Lightwave offers a full line of innovative instruments, test systems and accessories used throughout the world in research and development labs and production areas, wherever photonic technology is advancing.

LDC-3916 Multi-channel Modular Laser Diode Controller


The LDC-3916 modular laser diode controller uses interchangeable modules for flexible control options over multiple channels.

ILX Lightwave Discontinued & Obsolete Products

Technical Notes

These discontinued products are no longer sold by ILX Lightwave, but are typically supported for three years from the date on which they were discontinued. Repairs and calibrations are available through ILX Lightwave Customer Service.

Introduction to the Spartan Laser Diode Production Burn-in System


An introduction to the LTS-7410 Low Power Laser Diode Production Burn-in system and basic functionality of the system

Laser Diode Controller Model LDC-3726


A basic introduction to what LIV measurements are and how to perform them using the LDC-3726’s built-in firmware commands.

Laser Diode Mount Guide

Selection Guides

ILX Lightwave is the leader in Laser Diode Mounts offering the widest range of high quality precision laser diode mounting fixtures, as well as a complete line of Laser Diode Control products and Burn-In Systems.

Sentry Reliability and Burn-In Test System


Overview of the ILX Lightwave Sentry bench top laser diode reliability and burn-in test system.

ReliaTest Software for Laser Diode Test Systems


Our ReliaTest graphical user interface supervisory software allows multiple device types and test scenarios to be easily configured without complicated programming.

LRS-9434 Fixtures - Probe Card Overview


Probe card fixtures for Newport’s ILX Lightwave LRS-9434 Laser Diode Reliability and Burn-In system allow customers a repeatable and reliable method to probe devices with pad sizes as small as 100 um.
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