Piezo Stack Positioners Selection Guide

The NP Series is a family of compact, piezo-based nanopositioning stages providing nanometer resolution motion in one, two or three axis. NP Series stages feature highly reliable, multi-layer, low-voltage piezoelectric transducer (PZT) stacks for high-duty cycle operations. Ranging from linear stages, actuators and micrometer adaptors to ultrafast piezo steering mirror and objective nanofocusing stages, sophisticated, FEA-optimized, parallelogram solid state flexure guide systems ensure perfectly straight motion and up to 400 um travel range in various nanopositioning applications. Due to the frictionless guide principle, NP Series stages are maintenance-free and are not subject to wear. Furthermore, the output motion sensitivity is not affected by mechanical friction.

One advantage of the NP series piezo-based stages is the rapid response and fast settling performance. This allows them to be used in dynamic processes such as high-frequency error compensation, tracking, fast stepping or continuous scanning.

All NP Series are available as open-loop (no position feedback) or closed-loop devices with integrated position feedback (strain-gauge, model numbers ending in -SG). In open-loop, the resolution is only limited by the noise of the control electronics, but repeatability and stability are compromised due to the hysteresis and creep of the piezoelectric ceramic material. The closed-loop systems feature high resolution strain-gauge position sensors for highly accurate and repeatable motion. The position feedback compensates also for actuator creep. For the highest position stability and most temperature insensitive performance, the sensors are built in a full Wheatstone bridge design. The closed-loop devices can be operated in either open or closed-loop control.

Selecting a Nanopositioning Stage

Piezo Stack stages can be selected based on Travel, Resolution, Repeatability, Resonant Frequency, Max load capacity, etc. Use the selection guides below in association with the linked product family pages to get started or call your Applications Engineer for additional help.

Series Travel Range (nm) Resolution (nm) Typ. Repeatability (nm)
(-SG only)
Resonant frequency, unloaded (Hz) Max load capacity (N)
MC-NPXYZ100SG NPX Series NanoPositioning Linear Stages 100
0.2 - 8 30 - 75 177 - 550 10 -100 (centered)
MC-NPA Series 3 NPA Series NanoPositioning Piezo Translators 25
0.05 - 2 16 - 28 3000 to 12000 1000/150 (push/pull) (axial)
MC-NPM140SG+AJS100-2 NPM Series NanoPositioning Piezo Micrometer Adapter 140 Open Loop:

Closed Loop:
35 670 100 (axial)
MC-PSM2SG PSM2 Ultrafast Piezo Steering Mirror (Z)
12 - 16

(Θx, Θy)
1.6 - 2 mrad
0.03 - 3

(Θx, Θy)
0.004 - 0.04 µrad

(Θx, Θy)
1.3 µrad
5400 1
MC-NPO100SG-wo-lens NPO Series Objective NanoFocusing Stages 100
Open Loop:
0.3 - 0.5

Closed Loop:
3 - 5
30 or 46 310 - 370 NA